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Head Coach Charnwood Tennis Club

I run sessions for all age groups and abilities both individually and in groups. Please contact me with your coaching questions.

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Matt Wilford - GSM Tennis Coach, Charnwood


What parents and players are saying

“Tennis at Charnwood has been an absolutely wonderful journey so far. Aashrita enjoys her group sessions as well as the 1-1. Matt, James and Chris helped her a lot to improve her game. She can confidently and happily go to competitions. 

Well, if you don’t know tennis and you are trying to coach your kid, you are under Matt’s radar. He will make sure you are at least doing things correctly.
On a short note, it’s a great place to learn and play tennis at a competitive stage but also a place for fun and socialising.”

Charnwood Parent

“As father in my late 40’s I picked up a racket so that I could have a reasonable knock about with my younger daughter.

My first lesson with Matt and a number of other parents was with a red ball! Several years on I now get regular group coaching with Matt, Caroline and infrequent individual lessons with Emily as I attempt to keep pace with my ever improving daughter. I realise it is a lost cause, but nevertheless enjoy trying.

Between the three of them they have taken me from a complete beginner to being able to play, sometimes quite reasonably. When I am unable to play for long periods and my game deteriorates, they stick with me; small tips, motivation and focus on strokes or game play, all help regain lost ground and make me a little better.

I’ve really come to enjoy the weekly sessions, and have developed an appreciation for a complex and challenging game that is greater than my ability. It’s thanks to Matt, Caroline and Emily’s enthusiasm and coaching skills that means that I can still give my daughter a run for her money!

Loughborough Dad - losing to his daughter!

“My son has been a member of Charnwood tennis club now for nearly three years, he continues to thoroughly enjoy his lessons; that are a great mixture exercise, fun and the learning of important tennis skills. The court facilities at Charnwood are excellent and Matt and his team have a genuine love of the sport and an infectious enthusiasm to pass on this knowledge to the students.

Following a club event for students and Parents; I myself have joined as a parent member (even though I have never played before) which means I can now enjoy playing tennis with my son at the weekends for a very nominal fee. As well as formal lessons we have also taken advantage of the Summer holiday clubs which again are a great mix of fun activities as well as improving tennis skills.

I would greatly recommend Charnwood as a club and would say that Matt and his coaching team all appear to love to teach the sport of tennis; and do so in such a way that the Children never feel pressured, have a great time, while also learning the importance of great sportsmanship.”

Parent @ Charnwood, now plays too!

“Whether you are looking to improve your game, build confidence in your ability, develop strategies to employ in different playing scenarios as an adult player or as a parent or grandparent looking to introduce your child/grandchild to the beautiful game of tennis, you do not need to look any further than Matt and his GSM team at Charnwood. Charnwood is a great club to play at. It is inclusive and very friendly with many opportunities to play at whatever level you are.

I have had numerous coaches over many years and I can wholeheartedly say that Matt is the absolute best one I have ever had. He does not only focus on developing your strokes skills, he has a holistic approach to coaching in building self confidence, encouraging analytical skills of your game, how to maximise your strengths to be impactful in play. I always look forward to my lessons with Matt- just wonderful.

My grandchildren have also had coaching with Matt and his team at Charnwood and they thoroughly enjoyed it and would come back buzzing from their lessons, excitedly telling how much fun they have had. Fun is the key word, Matt makes the game fun for the children that contribute to their eagerness to play.”


Player and Grandparent at Charnwood

“Matt has been coming in to Oxley Primary School twice weekly to provide tennis coaching for all our pupils from Reception to Year 6.

He is extremely enthusiastic and professional and always has the pupils engaged in the lesson. Matt works well alongside the school staff giving them hints and tips so they to can also give quality PE lessons.

The pupils really enjoy the tennis coaching they receive and are always keen to “have a go” when set a new challenge.”

Oxley Primary School

“My daughter has been a member of Charnwood Tennis Club since she was 8 years old. She first became interested in tennis after having some lessons in PE at school. She quickly wanted to play more and joined the Mini-Red’s on a Saturday morning…

During her time at Charnwood she’s always had a weekly lesson with Matt Wilford which she always enjoys. She loves the banter she has with him can now serve him a mean ace when she puts her mind to it. Matt has given her some invaluable tennis coaching over the years which is now paying off as now at 14 years old is now a member of one of the ladies teams…”

Scarlett's Mum, Charnwood

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