Junior Tennis

For players aged 10-18yrs old, played on a full-sized court with ‘proper’ balls and adult sized rackets. We cater to all ages and abilities.

GSM clubs providing Junior Tennis:

Session Types

Development Tennis

These sessions are aimed at all players and are open, space permitting, to everyone.

Performance Tennis

Where provided, these sessions are aimed at players who are competing regularly and wish to play more seriously. Sessions are by invitation only.

Fitness Sessions

Where provided, these sessions are aimed at helping players to understand and practice how fitness training for tennis should be undertaken. The fitness sessions are provided by a qualified fitness instructor.

Girls Only

Where provided Girls only sessions are aimed at letting girls play without boys present.


Once a child has completed Mini Green Tennis they progress into the Junior Tennis programme. These sessions take the player from playing only against juniors to, hopefully, integrating into senior tennis at the club.

What age is Junior Tennis aimed at?
Junior Tennis is for players aged 10 & over who wish to continue to develop.

What ball is used?
A full yellow ball.

What size court is red ball played on?
A full sized court

What height is the net?
The net is at a height of 91.4 cm (36″) in the middle.

What racket is best to use?
Usually adult (fiull sized) rackets are used.

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