GSM Winter 2020 Junior Tournament Programme

Sep 21, 2020Events

GSM 2020 Winter Junior Tennis Series (Sept. – Dec. 2020)

The GSM 2020 Winter Junior Tennis Series will be running from September-December at:

To enter search for the appropriate tournament code at

DateCodeEventVenueTimesAge GroupB/G/MXGradeFeeClosing Date
11-OctLEI-20-00919&U Mini Orange TournamentLFE12.30-3.00pm9UMX5£14.0005-Oct
11-OctLEI-20-01118&U Mini Red TournamentLFE3.00-5.30pm8UMX6£12.0005-Oct
25-OctLEI-20-011610&U Mini Green TournamentLFE1-5pm10UMX6£14.0019-Oct
31-OctLEI-20-010118U Grade 5 TournamentNC2-6pm18UB/G5£15.0026-Oct
01-NovLEI-20-01079&U Mini Orange TournamentLFE1.00-3.30pm9UMX6£14.0026-Oct
01-NovLEI-20-01078&U Mini Red TournamentLFE3.30-6pm8UMX6£12.0026-Oct
14-NovLEI-20-010314U Grade 5 TournamentNC2-6pm14UB/G5£15.0009-Nov
15-NovLEI-20-011410&U Mini Green TournamentLFE1.00-5pm10UMX6£14.0009-Nov
22-NovLEI-20-009311&U Boys G4 Indoor TournamentLFE12.30-4.30pm11UBoys4£20.0010-Nov
29-NovLEI-20-01129&U Mini Orange TournamentLFE12.30-3.00pm9UMX6£14.0023-Nov
29-NovLEI-20-01128&U Mini Red TournamentLFE3.00-5.30pm8UMX6£12.0023-Nov
06-DecLEI-20-01089&U Mini Orange TournamentLFE12.30-3.00pm9UMX6£14.0030-Nov
06-DecLEI-20-01088&U Mini Red TournamentLFE3.00-5.30pm8UMX6£12.0030-Nov
13-DecLEI-20-009512&U Boys G4 Indoor TournamentLFE12.30-4.30pm12UBoys4£20.0001-Dec
20-DecLEI-20-009614&U Girls G4 indoor TournamentLFE12.30-4.30pm14UGirls4£20.0008-Dec
20-DecLEI-20-01099&U Mini Orange TournamentLFE12.30-3.00pm9UMX6£14.0014-Dec
20-DecLEI-20-01098&U Mini Red TournamentLFE3.00-5.30pm8UMX6£12.0014-Dec

If you would like to enter any of these events then please use the relevant tournament code in the table above and search on before the closing date. If there are no other players entered in an event that you would like to compete in then please enter early as your entry may attract other players who are interested in playing that event.

If you have entered a tournament which you would like to play in which does not have enough entries after the closing date, please DO NOT WITHDRAW as we will always chase up for more entries to try and fill the draw. However we will not take late entries for any events where we are oversubscribed. If we have to cancel any events due to lack of numbers then obviously all players will receive a full refund.

Please note that entries open about 6 weeks before and close about 6 days before the tournament.

Please contact me at [email protected] if you have a query regarding any of these events

GSM Leisure Tournament Administrator

Details correct as at 09/10/2020

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