Membership Frequently Asked Questions

How do coaching plans work?

Coaching Plans give players access to our coaching programme in one affordable monthly fee. To join a coaching session on our junior programme you will need to have an active plan.

It allows players to fully take advantage of the coaching on offer. Coaching Plans are perfect for players who wish to play regularly and especially for junior players to take full advantage of the mini and junior tennis and unlimited tennis on offer.

Coaching plans do not run: Bank Holidays, last 2 weeks or July, February/ May/ October Half Terms, Christmas Holidays (2 weeks) and Easter Holidays (2 weeks).

Plans do not include Holiday Camps, tournaments, private lessons or any other event run at each club.

Do I have to sign up for a minimum term?

No! We are so confident that players will find our coaching enjoyable, affordable and convenient that we offer our Coaching Plans with no fixed term contract. If in the unlikely event that you would like to cancel your plan, all you have to do is contact us giving us four weeks written notice in advance of their next billing date (1st of every month) to cancel.

Is there a joining fee?

There is no one-off fee to join our coaching programmes.

A membership fee is included in the monthly charge- you will not be charged any extra membership fees. If you cancel your coaching programme your membership will run up until the end of that paying month. The club will be notified of this. If you want to continue the club membership at a club but not continue on the coaching programme please contact the management team who can help.

Does the programme run during school holidays?

Yes! Coaching sessions run throughout the year, including during school holidays for 45 weeks of the year. The programme breaks for Bank Holidays, Half- Terms, Easter (two-weeks), Summer (two-weeks during the last 2 weeks of July and during the Christmas break (two weeks).

This helps provide a consistent approach to ensure all players continue to learn and progress on the programme throughout the year.

The majority of adult coaching sessions continue to run throughout the year. There are some cases where morning or lunchtime coaching sessions may be rescheduled if they conflict with junior holiday camps.

Is there a discount for 2 or more players?

No. Discounts are applied for families with 3 or more children (50% off coaching fee for 3 or more children).

What happens if it rains?

In rain or bad weather the coach will always be at the coaching venue unless it is dangerous for them to travel there such as in heavy snow. Where there is no indoor facility and the venue is too dangerous to deliver and play tennis the coach will inform all players no later than 25 minutes before the start of each session of the cancellation. The coach will reschedule sessions or ask you to attend another session on the coaching programme to recoup the lost session.

Is there a pay and play option available?

Sorry, we don’t offer a pay as you play option for our junior programme. Players can join the programme by subscribing to a Coaching Plan. This helps us keep our administration costs down which keeps the costs to players at an affordable level.

We also strongly believe that regular attendance on the programme helps maintain the session suitability for the players alongside supporting players improve with groups of players of similar tennis standards.

We offer pay as you play coaching for adult sessions alongside short courses.

How many times per week should I play?

We encourage players to play at least twice per week to benefit from our coaching.

What is a British Tennis Membership?

All players signing up for a Coaching Plan will automatically be signed up to a free British Tennis Membership (BTM), run by our governing body, the Lawn Tennis Association.

You will need your BTM number to enter tournaments and competitions. You will then be able to view the matches that you have played, and your results, online.

You will be notified of a change in your rating or ranking and will also receive monthly updates from British Tennis. For more details please contact your child’s coach.

Is there any special clothing I need to wear?

We are pretty relaxed, but a sports kit needs to be worn.

Is equipment provided, and do I need my own racket?

All equipment is provided during our coaching sessions. You can borrow a racket for the first 3 months after which you will need to buy your own racket.

Your coach will be able to advise you on the best choice for you and provide one to you at a discounted rate.

You can always visit our racket supplier’s online shop here if you like to purchase a racket sooner!

When don’t sessions run?

Sessions won’t run during the following periods in 2020 / 21:

To be updated following COVID-19.



What Parents are Saying

“My son has been having lessons with Matt at GSM tennis for a couple of years now. The difference from when he started, even though he had already been having lessons elsewhere, is incredibly.

Matt is amazing with him, he has fun but knows Matt is in charge. I would highly recommend Matt as a one to one coach. My son has also attended the holiday camps run by GSM, he has had a fab time and gained so much from the group sessions.”

LFE Parent

“My daughter has been a member of Charnwood Tennis Club since she was 8 years old. She first became interested in tennis after having some lessons in PE at school. She quickly wanted to play more and joined the Mini-Red’s on a Saturday morning…

During her time at Charnwood she’s always had a weekly lesson with Matt Wilford which she always enjoys. She loves the banter she has with him can now serve him a mean ace when she puts her mind to it. Matt has given her some invaluable tennis coaching over the years which is now paying off as now at 14 years old is now a member of one of the ladies teams…”

Scarlett's Mum, Charnwood

“Matt has been coming in to Oxley Primary School twice weekly to provide tennis coaching for all our pupils from Reception to Year 6.

He is extremely enthusiastic and professional and always has the pupils engaged in the lesson.

Matt works well alongside the staff giving them hints and tips so they to can also give quality PE lessons.

The pupils really enjoy the tennis coaching they receive and are always keen to “have a go” when set a new challenge.”

Oxley Primary School

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