LTA Senior Performance Coach Award (Level 4)
LTA Coach Licence

Head Club Coach Leicester Forest East Tennis Club
Head Club Coach Westfields Tennis Club

T: 07899 994503
E: [email protected]

As head of performance for GSM Leisure, my job is to ensure our players are getting the right programmes to enable them to perform to the best of their abilities. This includes training, physical conditioning, mental skills and tournament programming. For advice in any of these areas, feel free to contact me.


tom lewis


What parents and players are saying

“As a parent of an enthusiastic tennis child, I found that GSM was pivotal in the development and success of my son’s tennis over the past 10 years.

The tennis programme run by GSM, allowed for all abilities, the squads were well run and plentiful and GSM put the interest of each child at the heart of their programme by ensuring the right abilities were placed together to gain the maximum benefit during practice.

The squad coaching and also the individual coaching is excellent, with all of the coaches acting professionally in their reliability and planning of each lesson. Many of the young lads that my son participated with have gone on to play for the County in varying age groups including the Men’s County team.

GSM also encouraged these kids to ‘give something back’ by running the Young Assistant Coach programmes and offering ‘Saturday’ jobs, for the teenagers.

I would recommend GSM to any parent whose child is interested in taking up, or progressing in this wonderful game of tennis.”

Mother of a 1.2 rated 19 year old (May 2020)

“The reason I train with Tom is because he is very supportive throughout your tennis journey. Tom gives you good advice along with making the lessons fun and exciting

testimonial to tom

testimonial to tom


An enthusiastic LFE player

“The reason I train with Tom is that he is a supportive coach all the way throughout your tennis journey. You will get much better and he explains things in a funny way and also cheers you up when you are having a bad day.”

jack's testimonial

Jack’s testimonial

Jack - a happy LFE player

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