Charnwood Junior Challenge Events

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We would like to encourage our children at Charnwood Tennis Club, and other local tennis clubs, to compete and play tennis matches on a more regular basis. We wish to do this as we strongly believe that competition is a vital part of the development process. Therefore, we are offering the events listed below.

The aim of these events is to provide opportunities for fun match play, with each player playing short matches against a number of opponents. Each event will run on a Saturday 4.30pm-6.30/7pm (depending on how long each match takes). We will only take 12 players for each event to ensure that everyone gets a number of matches and wait time is minimal.

All events will cost £10 to enter. You must enter and book your space prior to the event date.

Refunds will only be given if a player pulls out more than 72 hours in advance or the referee cancels the event.

If you have questions please contact Emily Rodbourne on:
07756 321438 or [email protected]